Friday, February 11, 2011

Error, Again and Again and Again

Since I'm new with symfony I'm getting lots of errors.

Here are the things I need to do when everything is not working again -- do it from scratch!
  • clear the database
  • dump the new database
  • ./symfony doctrine:migrate ; notice the version returned
    • >> doctrine  Migrating from version 0 to 130
  • update created table migration_version to the version returned (130)
  • ./symfony doctrine:build-model
    • make sure /lib/model/doctrine/base is empty of else it will cause an error
  • ./symfony doctrine:generate-migrations-diff ;
    • should return "Could not generate migration classes from difference"

  • make sure /config/doctrine/schema.yml is updated, specially if planning to add new tables 
  • ./symfony doctrine:generate-migrations-diff (lib/migrations will be genearated)
  • ./symfony doctrine:migrate
    • >> doctrine  Migrating from version 139 to 141
    • >> doctrine  Migration complete

  • run ./symfony doctrine:build-model; ./symfony doctrine:build-sql; ./symfony doctrine:insert-sql
  • ./symfony cache:clear
  • ./symfony doctrine:build-forms;
  • ./symfony generate:module frontend content
  • ./symfony doctrine:build-filters;

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